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  • Hollys Hooks

    Hollys Hooks

    Hi, I’m Holly and I make things out of strings.

  • Gibby


    You really shouldn’t want to be here. Anyone out there wanna bring me a sandwich?

  • Kurt Ramos

    Kurt Ramos

    I’m an emerging writer with a Bachelor’s in English & a Minor in Writing & Rhetoric. The truth is only what you get away with, so I hope you’ll be inspired.

  • Jurgen Castro

    Jurgen Castro

  • Grizzzlay


    It doesn’t matter what your dream is, so long as you have one. I like too many things. Concerts, Travel, Pro Wrestling, Video Games, Hunting, and on and on.

  • Henry


  • Kev


    I am a librarian. I watch movies. I play games. I tell jokes. I am beset by cosmic horrors. WhileRomeBurns.net

  • Andrew Belonger

    Andrew Belonger

  • Luke


  • Erik


    Hi. I make movies and lift weights. I write about the latter here.

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